Precision balance – FX-iWP series · (external calibration) water proof/dust proof

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A&D has applied its expertise in the design of waterproof scales to develop the world’s fi rst IP-65 rated 1 mg resolution balance. It is dust-tight and can even be sprayed with water. Think of it as an “accident-proof” balance suitable for use in environments that can render other balances inoperable.

What does “IP65” mean? The International Protection (IP) Code, as defi ned by the international standard IEC 60529, specifi es the degrees of protection provided by enclosures. The two digits next to IP indicate the levels of protection against solid foreign objects (first digit) and water (second digit). For example, a device rated as IP65 should permit no ingress of dust (level 6) and withstand water jetting from any direction (level 5)



Standard RS-232C Interface
Standard RS-232C Interface with a PC, printer or other peripheral devices.

In accordance with GLP and LIMS regulations In accordance with GLP and LIMS regulations be printed out using A&D’s AD-8121B or a PC.

Auto Power OFF Function
The display switches OFF automatically when the balance is inactive for 10 minutes as a power-saving tool.

Multiple Weighing Units of Measurement
Programmable or standard weighing units of measurement can be selected; g, pcs, %, oz, lb, lb-oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, tol, mes and MLT.

Response Indicator Function
Selectable FAST, MID or SLOW response to suit weighing environment conditions.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery (FXi-09)
An optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack can be fi tted into the FX-i series for use without AC power and for mobile applications (10 hours charging time for 8 hours operation)

Product Features

  • IP65 Water proof/Dust Proof
  • Compact SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) 1 Second Stabilization
  • Multiple Weighing Units(g, oz, lb, lb-oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, tol, mes, pcs, % and MLT)
  • SCF-Statistical Calculation Function
  • Quick USB Interface (FXi-02)
  • Dust-tight and protected against water jets (complying with IP65), suitable to weigh powdery or
  • liquid material. A waterproof RS-232C cable (AX-KO2737-500) is available as an option.
  • Compact general-purpose balance, can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Casing construction, strong protection against dust and water.
  • Stabilization time of one second. When FAST is selected for the response rate, a stabilization
  • time of one second, to read a displayed value after a sample is placed on the pan, has been achieved.
  • Multiple weighing units with most of the common units used around the world.
  • Standard RS-232C serial interface to communicate with a computer and to output the Good
  • Laboratory Practice (GLP) data
  • Statistical calculation mode to statistically calculate the weight data, and display or output the
  • sum, maximum, minimum, range (maximum-minimum), average, standard deviation and
  • coefficient of variation.
  • Comparator Indicators, displaying the comparison results.
  • Hold Function, provided for weighing a moving object such as an animal.
  • Breeze break, provided for the FX-120i WP /200i WP /300i WP, for more accurate weighing.
  • Underhook, provided for suspended weighing.
  • As options, the USB interface (FXi-02), the Ethernet interface (Fxi-08) and the built-in battery unit
  • (Fxi-09) are available. When any one of these is used, the balance does not comply with IP65

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FX-iWP Series · (External Calibration) Water Proof/Dust Proof Precision Balance

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Precision balance - FX-iWP series · (external calibration) water proof/dust proof

$1,408.50$1,588.50 (-10%)

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