Medical and Healthcare scale – Seca 676 (wireless wheelchair scales with handrail and transport castors)

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Key-Technical Data

  • Net weight: 83.8 lbs/38.0 kg
  • kg/lbs switch-over: true
  • Product width: 36.2 inch/920 mm
  • Product height: 44.1 inch/1,120 mm
  • Product depth: 45.3 inch/1,150 mm
  • Graduation: 50 g/0.1 lbs
  • Capacity: 360 kg/800 lbs

Safe weighing – even when standing is difficult.

Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its large platform and sturdy handrail, the seca 676 is extremely versatile. Patients can be weighed while sitting in a wheelchair or on a chair. The handrail provides valuable support for people who are frail or have difficulty walking. Its high load capacity makes the seca 676 ideal for weighing very heavy patients. After use the scale can be folded together to save space. The sturdy locking device between rail and platform ensures that the seca 676 stands safely even when folded. The handrail also serves as handle when the scale is folded, allowing the scale to be moved around or stowed away effortlessly and quickly on its transport castors. Weighing is simple and user-friendly with the clearly designed, operable display at hip level, additional functions of TARE, Auto-HOLD, BMI and the SEND key to transmit measurements wirelessly to a seca digital printer with wireless reception or the PC.

Product Properties

  • Generously sized platform.
  • Railing provides a stable standing aid.
  • Foldable and mobile
  • Two ramps included.
  • Pre-TARE function with three memory cells.
  • At the press of a button measured results can be transmitted wirelessly to a wireless digital printer or a PC.

Technical Data

  • Net weight: 83.8 lbs/38.0 kg
  • kg/lbs/sts switch-over: true
  • kg/lbs switch-over: true
  • Platform width: 31.5 inch/800 mm
  • Platform height: 2.2 inch/55 mm
  • Platform depth: 38.0 inch/965 mm
  • Product width: 36.2 inch/920 mm
  • Product height: 44.1 inch/1,120 mm
  • Product depth: 45.3 inch/1,150 mm
  • Ramp: 2 x integrated
  • Power supply: Power adapter
  • Graduation: 50 g/0.1 lbs
  • Capacity: 360 kg/800 lbs

Functions and Properties

  • EMR ready
  • Auto-clear
  • Auto-HOLD
  • SEND/Auto-SEND
  • BM
  • Adjustable damping
  • HOLD
  • Pre-TARE
  • TARE
  • Transport castors

Raises awareness for maintaining a healthy weight

The seca directprint is the ideal tool for raising awareness about maintaining a healthy weight. Not only does it tell your patients their height, weight and BMI, but it compiles their measurements into an easy-to-read one page printout which includes sound information and tips on weight management. In seconds, it provides the ideal ice-breaker for your overweight patients by drawing attention to the subject of overweight and obesity without making them feel uncomfortable.
This removes inhibitions, makes people more willing to talk, and motivates your patients in the long term to tackle the subject more rigorously and do something about it. This in turn can generate economic benefits for your practice, since you can now offer additional services.


Strokes are the third leading cause of deaths and they are generated by a sudden disruption of blood circulation in the brain. They are often accompanied by dizziness, paralysis, vision and speech disorders. The consequences are very serious and can sometimes lead to permanent disabilities or death.

Typically men are 70 years old and women are 75 years old when a stroke occurs. The probability of becoming ill increases with age, weight and the related problems such as high blood pressure, lipometabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus and arteriosclerosis. Yet, prevention is possible by administering regular weight checks with seca scales since they can fulfill any weighing requirements for patients standing, sitting or lying down.

In 89% of all cases, a stroke can be diagnosed by the average person.
Here is how to recognize a stroke.

A simple test is the Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale (CPSS):

Ask the person to smile. If paralysis exists, one side of the face will droop.
Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase such as “I do not need any help.” Speech should not be slurred.
Ask the person to stretch out his/her arms with the palms facing up. If paralysis exists, one arm cannot be raised and the arm will fall or drift, especially if the person’s eyes are closed.

Additional information

Weight 38.0 kg
Dimensions 91.948 × 112.014 × 115.062 cm

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Medical and Healthcare scale - Seca 676 (wireless wheelchair scales with handrail and transport castors)

$3,493.00$3,880.80 (-10%)

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