Medical and Healthcare scale – seca 217 (stadiometer for mobile height measurement)

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Technical Data

  • Unit: cm/inch
  • Net weight: 7.9 lbs/3.6 kg
  • Measuring range: 20 – 205 cm 8 inch – 6 ft 9 inch
  • Product width: 12.9 inch/328 mm
  • Product height: 84.4 inch/2,145 mm
  • Product depth: 22.6 inch/574 mm
  • Graduation measuring range: 1 mm/1/8 inch

Ideal solidity and stability.

The mobile stadiometer seca 217 boasts unmatched stability, a cleverly designed assembly system and particularly high-quality materials. All this lends the stadiometer an exceptionally high degree of stability – almost the same as a permanent installation. In addition, the adjustable spacer ensures a secure hold without any fittings. Suitable for medical practices and hospitals, the stadiometer is also just right for mobile use, such as examinations of children at school or patients at home. When disassembled, the stadiometer is easy to transport.

Product Properties

  • Parts fit together perfectly for transport ease.
  • Spacer for additional stability.
  • Robust platform for secure stance.
  • Adapter element seca 437 for connection to a flat scale.

Functions and Properties

  • Abrasion resistant dial
  • Spacer
  • Fine, high-contrast printed dial
  • Heel positioner
  • Mobile use

How can I accurately measure the height of a person standing?

Height-measuring instruments from seca make measuring easy, fast and precise.

  • The patient stands barefoot (if possible) with his/her back to the wall.
  • With feet together, ensure the heels are touching the wall.
  • The body is erect and centered on the measuring rod.
  • Confirm the corner of the eyes and the top of the ears are level (Frankfurt Line).
  • To measure, the user places the headpiece against the scalp and locks it.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 32.8 × 214.5 × 57.4 cm

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Medical and Healthcare scale - seca 217 (stadiometer for mobile height measurement)

$278.60$309.40 (-10%)

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