OP-915 Bench Scale


OP-915 Bench Scale

OP-915-1212-100 Ideal weighing solution for applications such as portion control, food processing, straight weighing or over/under weighing. OP-915 is high accuracy single point strain gauge aluminum load cell. OP-915 is designed for speed and accuracy with an extremely heavy duty platform and rugged stainless steel enclosure. Because it is a heavy duty accurate scale it is OP-915 series scales are widely used in Shipping docks, outdoor and indoor markets, food processing and other bulk sales. OP-915 series is a tough industrial scale that can operate in extreme temperatures (-10℃ ~ +40℃; ≤90%RH). OP-915 is NTEP certified and legal for trade scale in the United States and Canada. This scale can be used to weigh cargo loads, shipping boxes and ideal for warehouse. It is easy to store and easy to wash. It can be remotely connected to display and printers. Because the column is easily removable OP-915 series scale does not need a lot of storage space. Check-weighing feature for quick portioning. So it can be also used as a counting scale and quick portioning of raw materials used in construction, Research and commercial kitchens. OP-915-1212-100 is heavy duty, accurate, durable and great value for money. It is highly rated by consumers and independent commercial kitchens, warehouses, shipping, trucking, food and construction industry.



Model Size and Capacity
OP-915-1212-100  12”x12”, Cap: 100lb x 0.02lb
OP-915-1214-100  12”x14”, Cap: 150lb x 0.02lb
OP-915-1616-300  16”x16”, Cap: 300lb x 0.05lb
OP-915-1620-400  16”x20”, Cap: 400lb x 0.05lb
OP-915-1818-400  18”x18”, Cap: 400lb x 0.05lb
OP-915-2020-500  20”x20”, Cap: 500lb x 0.1lb
OP-915-1824-500  18”x24”, Cap: 500lb x 0.1lb
OP-915-2424-500  24”x24”, Cap: 500lb x 0.1lb
OP-915-2424-1000  24”x24”, Cap: 1000lb x 0.2lbV

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