CAS Caston II Plus Series

Caston II Plus Series

CAS Caston II Plus Series

CAS Caston II Crane Scale is a rechargeable battery powered electronic crane scale. With Automatic and manual HOLD function remove what your are weighing before recording your results easily, your crane scales result stays displayed until you weigh your next sample. A bright LED display makes it quick and easy to read your results saving you time in any light. Use your scale for up to 72 hours because having to recharge its batteries and when the batteries run low know it the minute they are with a low battery indicator. Save time with quick function keys including ON/OFF, Zero, and TARE. Weigh almost anything with this crane scale.


  • Available in 1,000 x 0.5 lbs, 2,000 x 1 lb, 5,000 x 2 lbs, and 10,000 x 2 lbs
  • Easy to read 1.2″ LED Display
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Spare battery included
  • Wireless Remote Control Standard
  • Optional Field Retrofittable TWN Handheld Portable Indicator

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