True 42- Scientific Instruments and Industrial Scale Leader

Based in Atlanta, True 42 is a world leader in precision scientific and Industrial scales. With almost 50% of its domestic market share, the name True 42 synonyms with the largest industrial, manufacturing and hospital systems across United States of America. The company’s success and expanding global presence is the result of 24/7 customer assistance, discounts that translate to cost savings, superior technology, unique design, and high manufacturing and quality control standards that have earned ISO 9001 certification, CE marking, FDA clearance and the Good Housekeeping Seal.

With our headquarters strategically located in Atlanta we are ready to meet the challenges of international business, manufacturing, Research and Development, education, food industry, Healthcare and Defense.

Creating a New Market Category – Education, Healthcare, R&D

True 42 core business has been the manufacturing of precision scales. Today, True 42 is looking beyond scales to products that enable our clients realize and accomplish their goals. We are offering a huge variety of pocket scales, kitchen scales, bathroom scale, lab equipment and instruments that may be required in logistics, education, healthcare and Defense. Backed by extensive research, True 42 offers accuracy, innovation and durability recognized and trusted worldwide.

True 42 – Pocket scale Leader

This pioneering work has led to the creation of an entirely new category of consumer products that could make the conventional weight scale obsolete. Used by Physicians, clinicians, health and fitness experts, jewelry stores, chefs and students worldwide, True 42 is considered the platinum standard of innovations, designs, technology and impedance analysis pocket scales and industrial balances.

Technology and R&D Innovator

True 42 continues to innovate in the scale industry for both consumer and professional models. Recent innovations include the first to market with unique designs, strong quality control, affordable and user friendly Multi-frequency technology enhancing the already industry leading pocket scale accuracy. And an impressive range and styles of Pocket, kitchen, Bathroom and Industrial scale and trend analysis.

True 42’s Mission

True 42 goal is to offer peace of mind with 24/7 technical assistance, long term warranty and cost savings helping people meet their weighing scale needs.

True 42 Social and community Initiatives

True 42 philosophy is love, peace, equality and inclusion. We want to promote unity, education, research and development that leads our future generation to a brighter tomorrow.

We closely work with hospital systems, police, defense forces and schools and help them meet their weighing scale requirements.

Together lets change the world where there is innovation, education and prosperity. We are actively involved with organizations and individuals from industry, public advocacy, government agencies, scientific associations and academia in their efforts to bring change to our communities and our country, The United States of America.

True 42 proudly serves and donates time, equipment, funding, and other resources to a variety of community and school events at local and international levels.


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